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JM Bayliss Writer

The home of Welsh Valley Noir and more

Speculative fiction, paranormal mysteries, dark thriller novels, or intriguing, fun short stories. These are my passion.

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Welcome to my website

Here you can find information about me, my published books, the research for my work-in-progress book and my studies.
You can also purchase my paperbacks or e-books from Amazon using the 'order now' button links below. Please check out my blog with news and events.

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“Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.”

Paulo Coelho

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Books by JM Bayliss

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Rare Earth

Available from all good bookshops from March 2022 or as e-book.

*  *  *  *  *   Five-star reviews (From the UK and USA) :

"Completely absorbing"

"Gripping with unexpected twists and turns"


"An exceptionally well structured, intelligently written and original novel"

"What a fabulous story"

Minerals, greed and death - 150 years on in a famous Welsh valley town history is repeating itself.

Today, murderous fraudsters have replaced the Victorian slave-driving coal masters in a famous Welsh valley town. Jason Price and Declan Ryan, make an astounding discovery that will rock Blaenavon. Struggling to make ends meet, three hardworking, unsuspecting sheep farmers assume the disused coalfield grazing land they own on a mountainside is worthless.

A geology professor and his vicious land-grabbing associates possess incredible information, having secretly discovered that the farmland, which surrounds a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a geological freak. Scattered amongst the millions of tons of coal spoils are precious rare-earth mineral particles – worth more than gold. People are paying with their lives for their silence.

That is until Lauren Eaves, a gritty, young Australian geology student turns up to disrupt the fraudsters’ plans, risking her own life in the process.

Valley Noir - Valley Blanc E-BOOK rev A (2)_edited.jpg

Valley Noir Valley Blanc

Available from all good bookshops from March 2022 or as e-book

*  *  *  *  *  Five-star reviews (From the UK and USA):

"A wonderful read!"

"Each story was different and a boatload of fun!"

"Coffee and a story! ...I liked the coffee cup concept to choose the time to read a story, 2 minutes, 5 minutes. or 10 minutes plus. I might buy more short story books in future."

An anthology of mysterious, dark and fun short stories. This collection includes the Henshaw International 2021 short story prize winner - 'Taste the Darkness'. All inspired by Wales.

The Lucidity Programme_E-book (1).jpg

The Lucidity Programme

Published in 2020 - available everywhere now as paperback or e-book

*  *  *  *  *  Five-star reviews (From the UK and USA):

"Likely to be your most original read yet!"

"Traverses the realms of art, science and history with compelling elements of mystery and adventure." 

"This is an ambitious, original and well crafted debut novel which I thoroughly recommend, and to which I have no hesitation in awarding five stars!"

"Highly recommend this, I found I instantly engaged with the main characters and story moves with such pace and intrigue, it was hard to put down."

An incredible 74-year-old scientific mystery suddenly re-emerges. The British government is running out of ideas and time to solve a major threat to national security. Two elderly sisters in an Oxfordshire nursing home have 'put their affairs in order'. They pass a dangerous family secret to the government, a secret which could potentially leave the world defenceless to unstable or hostile governments. Wil is an unassuming farmer whose lucid dreams are being hijacked by voices from the past. He is inadvertently led into a series of exploits before coming to the attention of Government Communications HQ. He becomes their last hope in the search for the scientific discovery of the century. He naively steps up, not realising the full extent of the sacrifices he may have to make.

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