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I was that kid in school who for English homework would write nine-page essays. It worked out well, some of my short stories and novel themes are a nod to those essays. This passion for writing recently earned me an MA in Creative Writing from Cardiff University, with a distinction for my dissertation using the initial chapters of my work in progress novel (Butterflies Can’t Kill You) - a speculative fiction thriller.

I’m originally from the Welsh former mining town of Blaenavon, now a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site attraction, and the scene of my thriller ‘Rare Earth’. My career started as an aeronautical design engineer, but I spent most of my working life travelling the world masquerading as a key account salesman.

My debut novel ‘The Lucidity Programme’ received excellent reviews and briefly made it to #33 in its Amazon category alongside the likes of Dean Koontz and Paulo Coelho!
To relax, I’m a dedicated yogi; ridden Tour de France alpine cycling climbs; hiked the Camino across Northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela; snowboarded Mont Blanc’s Vallée Blanche and once outran a herd of rampaging cows across my local Welsh mountains. I’m a member of the Hay Writers Circle and performed at the Hay Literature Festival several times – treasuring my ‘paper rose’ performance accolade.

I live in Wales with similar views to some of the characters in my valley noir books.

Writing Awards:

  • I won my first national award for writing a fictional story as an eight-year-old - The Brooke Bond award

  • First prize the Henshaw International fiction prize in 2020. with my short story ‘Taste the Darkness’.

  • Runner up in the Frances Copping Memorial Prize for Fiction 2019 judged by Candice Siobhan Walker.

  • Third prize for the 2023 Richard Booth Prize for non-fiction judged by Tom Bullough.

  • Third prize Hay Writers 2023 open poetry competition judged by Alex Josephy.

  • MA Creative Writing 2023 (Cardiff University). 

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