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My award winning poem

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Poetry isn’t my greatest strength, but yesterday one of my poems received an award. I didn’t win a prize but received a special commendation. Not exactly touching distance to becoming poet laureate but I’ll take it!

Commendation: Reunited

“I would like to offer a special commendation to Reunited for the author’s bravery in tackling rhyming couplets and by and large pulling them off with great aplomb. I was also moved by the way plaintiveness slowly but surely becomes comfort across the length of the poem. There is always a timelessness to poems that explore the different and complex qualities of grief, and this poem is certainly no exception.”

The Hay Writers Circle ‘Open’ Poetry Competition 2022. Congratulations to our winners and to everyone who submitted their work for our judge, Dr Jack McGowan. This year we had the highest number of entries and we must send our sincere thanks to Jack who has had a mammoth task reading and reviewing a slew of poems.

Here is my poem:


Made whole, rejuvenated, is this place for real

Ethereal topography, sensory, surreal

Cold and darkness extinguished, sunshine and warmth prevailing

Hard to articulate, inner calm and peace entailing

Happiness and contentment, both partying with my soul

The time's arrived, relief at last, nothing more to control

Optimism and hope, since discovering my destiny

My confidence undaunted, evident for all to see

I wondered if they'd take me when I knocked on heaven's door

An open arms acceptance, and a green light to explore

Anticipation, trepidation, questions soon resolved

I'm feeling tranquil, intrigued, and undoubtedly absolved

Sadly, it's been chaotic, there's an endless human stream

Of course, no one's ever ready, to go and 'join the team'

We know it's not discerning, and not all of us immune

Waiting, praying, most are hoping, it's 'maybe no time soon'

Hints of recognition, old friendly faces they appear

A familiar form emerges, elegantly drawing near

Young, happy, beautiful, unmistakably no other

Decades have passed, yes it's her, hands reaching out, my mother

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