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My 'Valley Noir Valley Blanc' short story anthology is popping up everywhere!

The Skirrid - 'The Hanging Pub'. One of my old haunts. Now the scene of a paranormal story called 'The Unshod'.

Yesterday, I was at The Skirrid pub. Today, I’m 34 million miles away.

I get around. First Wales, then Mars, and now the Himalayas!

A more localised setting for my award winning, historical short story, called Taste the Darkness. It is the first of the stories in 'Valley Nor Valley Blanc'!

Further west, but even in beautiful Pembrokeshire, there is no avoiding the paranormal with my story, 'A Glimmer'!

What it must feel like to be confined and unable to visit the world and beyond. That's the gamble and price some people are prepared to pay.

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